Why All non-rofit Agencies Need a Website

Why All non-rofit Agencies Need a Website

Most open organizations have a type of a site that is utilized to get the message out of what sorts of administrations and material they offer to the general population. This illuminates inquisitive people with respect to what they can anticipate from the organization. In any case, numerous non-benefit associations don’t have a site. This is a major error that can cost the association cash and the opportunity to help extra individuals. Individuals that the association was set up to help in any case. The site gives others outwardly a window into the association and shows them precisely what they can anticipate.

  1. Exposure for the Organization

    There are two main reasons why a non-profilt organization needs to have a website. The first is simply for exposure. Most individuals now receive a majority of their information from the Internet and not anywhere else. A strong Internet foothold allows people to see what kind of content, services and other information they desire about the non-profit organization.Without the website, it is nearly impossible for them to find this kind of information out, no matter how large or small the organization is. Here, the website is able to describe exactly what the non-profit services are for, what the money goes to help, what kind of people volunteer for the organization and anything else that people may want to know. Chances are, they are not going to contribute to the organization if they don’t know what it is able to offer and where the money is going. People want to know how their money is being spent and how much of the money is actually being spent on the non-profit aspect, and not for salaries and other individuals who are looking to bank on the non-profit company.

  2. Encouraged Support from the Community

    The second reason behind why a non-profit organization needs a website is that the website allows for donations. These donations can be made electronically through the website through a payment receiving company such as Paypal. The money can then go towards the goods and services the non-profit organization offers.

    Through a simple “Donate” button, the website can receive donations of any amount that people wish to give. It is much easier for most people to donate directly online than by calling in and providing necessary information or even through mailing in cash or a check.

  3. Clear Calls to Action

    A non-profit’s website should inspire action. Most nonprofits rely on the involvement of members of the public. Whether it be donating, volunteering, connecting via social media, or signing up for a newsletter, clear and bold calls to action should be clearly visible. As purpose driven organizations, the website should convey strong messaging about its cause and why they are deserving of their support. Friends of the CMHR is a good example of a site that has great calls to action with colourful tabs entitled Be a Friend, Be a Voice, and Be the Change.

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  4. Donations Page

    The donations page is often the single most important page of a nonprofit’s website. Visitors should be able to easily see where their contributions would go and what impact they would make. The donations page should be accessible, have strong branding, and appear secure and inviting. People will want assurance that their payment information will be secure and that it’s not a scam. If the donations page is on a page off of the main website it is even more critical to clearly display the organization’s corporate identity and have a strong URL.

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