What is The Difference Between Web Design and Web Development?

What is the difference between a web designer and a web developer? In the early days of the web, the answer to that question was simple: designers design and developers code.

Today that question requires a little more nuance–you’d be hard pressed to find a web designer who didn’t know at least a little HTML and CSS, and you won’t have to look far for a front-end web developer who can whip up a storyboard.

If you’re strictly speaking about the general concepts of web design vs. web development however, the distinction is a little more clear. Let’s take a look at these two concepts and the roles they play in building the websites and apps we know and love.

Web Development

Think about web developers as those who turn the designs into a live website. Web developers uses web languages and software tools to develop the design and functionality of a website. Notice, that web developers are further split into two sub-categories; front-end developers, and back-end developers. I see front-end developers as the connection between both web designers and back-end developers, as having a little knowledge of both, would allow a front-end developer to build a fully working website. A front-end developer is the one who builds the interface, and provides the layout as the interaction between the back-end of the website and the user.

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Front-end developers use three main languages; Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and JavaScript (JS). With these languages, a developer is able to create a full-fledged website. From the main design layout, to inserting images, applying different types of typography and font families, implementing animations, the flow of different pages, form interfaces, and more.

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Back-end developers are those who control the server data and requests. Usually a website requires back-end services if it contains dynamic data. This means, for example, users submitting a form with personal data (such as creating an account), or saving an article for your blog page. Generally, if the website requires data to be saved, and making it accessible at a later stage, it means that it would also need a database connection. Database connections are made possible by a direct connection from the server itself. Thus, a back-end developer then uses server languages such as PHP or ASP.NET, and writes database queries by using languages such as SQL or MySQL.

Web Design

Consider website specialists as the individuals who change a thought, or a story, into an outwardly engaging plan, and utilize their design to fabricate the client encounter all through the entire site. They outline the site’s look and feel. As an engineer would make an arrangement of your home preceding begin building it, also a website specialist would display the format of your site before a web designer can begin creating it.

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Website specialists have a troublesome part which is frequently underrated. In their outlines they have to coordinate the most ideal client encounter, and make an inviting situation for the client. They need to change a thought from composing, into a usable plan and interface that gets the client’s consideration. A site can’t be depicted as extraordinary if a legitimate outline methodology wasn’t connected into the beginning periods of the venture. These days, website specialists are appraised at a similar level of web engineers, as without an extraordinary client encounter, the improvement can’t be really valued by the client.

Website specialists have constructed an entire library of key procedures for themselves. You don’t simply make an immaculate site quickly in the wake of perusing or considering the details or the highlights required. You begin with a scope — the center point and the reason that the site will offer. You would first generally imagine the plans in your mind, and begin with a portray or draft of the outline. From outlining, website specialists move to wireframes, deride ups, and to the last plan. Proficient website specialists fabricate the entire site in outline segments, with a pixel idealize format of all the pages, symbols, typography and other multifaceted highlights.



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