About us

Mountain Ash is owned and operated by Janet Morrow
As a young woman Janet worked in both radio and newspaper advertising. Then in 1980 she, and her husband added two children to their family. The first by adoption followed four months later by their first birth child. With children in the home Janet became a stay at home wife and mother. Over their thirty-six year marriage Mark and Janet have added fourteen children to their family. They have adopted children from the United States, the Philippines, Korea, and Sierra Leone.  Many of whom had special needs or were older children.

It was not until fourteen years later that Janet began her journey in website design and development. After one of her adopted sons was diagnosed with Severe Reactive Attachment Disorder Janet started to search the Internet for information and resources. After spending weeks on the Internet, and compiling a one hundred and twenty page research report; a few things became obvious.

Most people do judge a book by its cover. While a site is still loading visitors will make their initial decision about the value of your company; based solely on the first impressions of a website.

A large number of websites show little creativity and imagination. They appear to be “canned” pages, and as a result people pay little or no attention to them or their content.

The Internet is an invaluable tool. Through the Internet Janet was able to work with agencies, specialists and physicians throughout the United States. The effective use of the Internet gave her the power to change lives.

With a new respect and interest in the Internet Janet learned the html, css, and php. Combining this with her talent in graphic art Mountain Ash Web was born. Over the past twenty-two years Janet has been able to stay at home, providing additional income through her work in graphic and website design.

Janet specializes in website design, graphic design, database configuration, WordPress & StudioPress configuration and technical writing. [Technical Writing: Over the years she has written numerous technical & resource manuals, corporate Bi-laws, mission statements, and business slide shows.

Sharon Thibault

Sharon Thibault graduated from university with Highest Honors and Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Creative Writing. Although reading and writing have always been her passions, she has since discovered that she also enjoys graphic art and design. She has found that graphic design is not just an interest she has, but a means by which she can earn money while still being home with her children.

Sharon has been a stay at home mom since her first child, a daughter,
was born in the summer of 2001. Since then she has had 3 boys and is currently homeschooling her oldest three children. She discovered her passion for designing while pregnant with her third child in 2007. She opened an online store in October 2008 and is excited to now be part of the Mountain Ash Web design team.

Sharon is an active part of the Mountain Ash team and will be assisting our clients in a number of areas: graphic arts, photo editing, creative writing, manuscript editing, and proofreading.